The 2013 FINISH sanitation challenge contest

For the second time the FINISH programme challenges you to come with a design of a toilet or toilet system which can be a success in India or elswhere.

The contest is based on the premise that among other factors, the lack of sanitation coverage in rural India (and elsewhere), is due to lack of innovation on possible ‘designs’ to fit diverse environmental and social–economic conditions, water needs and local availability of materials.

In order to promote innovation generation in this much neglected field, the FINISH Society and its partners are organizing an innovation contest, where the innovation can take the form of a novel design for:

  • individual toilets
  • community toilets
  • multi-purpose toilets

The objective of the contest is to create useful knowledge that will promote entrepreneurship and small business creation in sanitation related production.

Key words are:

  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally safe and
  • Backed up by a simple business plan for business creation

To learn more about the contest have a look at the film on youtube and download the brochure.