Small Change for Dignity

Within FINISH programme this promotion video is used to inform people on the Programme.

The short film: “Small Change for Dignity” highlights the major problem of open defecation in India. People shit in the open, as they don't have a toilet in or near the house. Open defecation is socially accepted, as people don't realize the direct correlation between their diseases and open defecation. Often people cannot afford to buy a toilet. That is why FINISH partners with micro finance organisations, that on the one hand create the demand for toilets and on the other provide small loans for people to buy toilets.

Ninu working for one of the FINISH partners says that to prevent sanitation related diseases such as diarrhoea, (nearly) all villagers need to use a toilet. For many such as Nirupana, hygiene, comfort and convenience are the main reasons to buy a toilet and she feels that the quality of her and her family's life has improved after building the toilet.

Vijay is one of the initiators of the FINISH project. He says that in the context of India the ambitious target of 1 million toilets is quite small. He therefore urges the financial sector and others to invest. Sanitation investment via FINISH offers the opportunity to make a decent return for socially responsible investment.