SAWI website now online!

A dedicated website to serve the companies in the South and North who want to join forces and match ‘western sanitation technologies’ with sanitation demand in low- and middle-income markets in Africa, Asian and Latin American countries.

The Sanitation Window (SAWI) was established To accelerate innovation in sanitation markets. SAWI connects sanitation supply and demand, with the specific focus to match ‘western sanitation technologies’ with sanitation demand in low and middle income markets in Africa, Asian or Latin American countries.

Over 30 years WASTE has build an extensive network of partners in low and middle income countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and gained a thorough understanding of all aspects of the sanitation markets in these countries, including household demand, affordability, technologies, cultural and social obstacles or opportunities, local regulations, etc.

Drawing on the strengths of WASTE and Aqua for All, SAWI offers

  • market studies,
  • matchmaking and
  • access to low and middle income markets through or in cooperation with local partners.

Do you have a sanitation problem in an emerging market and are you interested in technologies, products and services from SAWI's network?

Are you a company offering a sanitation solution and interested in sustainable business opportunities in emerging markets? Or do you just want to know more about SAWI, our approach and way of working?

Please visit our new website: