SAWI realises MoU between SimGas and FINISH Society

The FINISH-Society in India was looking for opportunities to incorporate biogas in their activities. With the help from SAWI project they got in touch with SimGas. The MoU was signed on the 5th of September in the presence of the Dutch Trade Minister Ploumen.

Launch ceremony in India for MOU with Dutch Trade Minster Ploumen

SimGas designs and markets innovative biogas systemssa for households in (sub)tropical regions. SimGas’ high quality mass-producible biogas systems make affordable and clean energy available for millions of households, improves lives and contributes to the reduction of deforestation and carbon emissions. 

WASTE is one of the promoters of the FINISH programme (Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health). FINISH is a partnership programme of banks, insurance companies, MFIs, NGOs and academics with public support (Dutch and Indian Government) to scale safe and sustainable sanitation. To make the programme sustainable, it has set up a local entity - the FINISH Society - that links financial inclusion, sanitation and health outputs to more than 60 implementation partners.

SimGas and WASTE (in cooperation with SAWI) are planning to export their expertise on biogas digesters and sanitation to India. A sanitation solution in combination with biogas will be implemented. In India, there is an urgent need for affordable, mass-producible sanitation solutions, while energy prices increase steadily. The biogas systems that SimGas develops offers a solution to both problems, and thereby also address health issues (sanitation improves health, biogas reduces indoor air pollution), deforestation (due to reduced woodfuel use) and climate change (reduced carbon emissions). The project includes the establishment of a production line for mass-produced biogas systems that are technically capable to safely process human waste.

In addition, a distribution network will be established, to market the systems to the end users. These are households and small farmers who are in need of an affordable and clean alternative energy source. First steps have been made, Minister Ploumen was present during the launch ceremony of the MOU for SimGas, WASTE, FINISH Society, and Valsad dairy (producer of the Amul brand).