Master masons training

Pura a village near Mysore, India was invaded by 24 masons eager to learn more about technical correct designs for sanitation solutions in dry areas.

FINNISH Society organised a so-called master mason training with funds from the PSO project. A training in which the FINNISH Society wants to show and teach already experienced and reputed masons, three types of substructures for toilets which have been developed and tried by SCOPE a knowledge and advisory centre on sanitation, based in Musiri. These three designs are the systems used in the FINNISH programme. All of them suitable for rural areas.

  1. Double leach pit with a pour flush toilet
  2. Septic tank with pour flush toilet and soak pit
  3. Urine Diverting Dry Toilet or UDDT a toilet not using any water at all.

As it was the first time they had brought together masons from all 5 project districts. This gave some problems with vaerious languages but at the same time interesting technical discussions on how it was done in the different regions and cross-over working tips.

Second goal

In addition to training the masons the event had the goal to make the regional managers of FINNISH, who often have a financial or insurance background,  familiar with the techniques used and have hands on experience on dos and donts in sanitation design.

The village Pura 10 km from Mysore in Karnatak had agreed to host the training course and receive the 24 masons. 6 Households volunteered to be testcases, while contributing in the costs and labour.

After 7 days 6 substructures with accompanying toilet were realised, experts from Scope walked from one site to the other, giving instructions, showing best practice, explaining the reasons behind designs.

The owners were proud of their new facilities and before the masons had left some of the toilets were already painted and plants had been planted in the soak pits for water of the UDDT.