Inception mission May 2011

In May a mission with 3 advisers from WASTE went to Haïti.

Purpose of the visit was to discuss with the four mayors of the communities about solid waste management and to give a first workshop to stakeholders on waste management systems and stakeholder analysis.

Another purpose of the visit was to set out the planning for the coming 2 years and get an approval from the mayors on the plans.

Observations from all 4 cities made clear that the citizens tend to keep their surroundings clean but as the waste collection fails, their household waste ends up in the open canals, streetcorners vacant places in the neigbourhood, and a lot thrown alongside the rivers. Also the existing municipal disposal sites were not properly managed and in some cases not even used.

After interviews with the mayors, viewing of the 4 cities of the communes a plan was set up to set up a planning in 4 phases.

  1. Propose and realise an temporary municipal disposal site for the coming 5 to 7 years. 1 for 2 cities, with minimum faciltiies, but properly managed and with an option for separation of waste. (selection, and preparing and taking into service estimated duration 12 months minimum, start July 2011)
  2. Selection of some important public spaces to re-establish regular collection and offer proper sanitation possibilities (depot for waste, sanitation facilities). Markets and bus stations were mentioned as best options. (start if disposal site is in operation)
  3. Re-establishement waste collection in the city centre areas. Depending on the wishes of the city, disposal points regulary emptied, or door to door collection. (start if market collection is functioning properly)
  4. Set up a functioning fee system for waste collection, start exit strategy to phase out the project
  5. Stimulate valorisation of waste materials such as plastics.

The mayors readily agreed to the proposal, although they would like to speed up the process as they see the waste problem as very acute.

The workshop was held in all 4 cities, in which a mix of community groups were invited. The participants were, students, teachers, neigbourhood committees, women from the  market, fishermen and youth groups. The groups discussed waste systems, explained how their systems used to work and what they thought was important when discussing proper waste management.

workhop in Petit GoâveWorkshop Grand-GoâveWorkshop Gressier