Formation of RUSWP, Uganda

During the last couple of months various partners in Uganda have been working hard on the formation of the Rwenzori Urban Sanitation and Waste Programme Consortium (RUSWP). The RUSWP is part of the programme of the Dutch WASH Alliance.

The consortium is formed by a big variety of organisations, to make sure that all necessary activities can be carried out and to ensure sustainability by addressing the so-called FIETS principles.

The different partners are:

  • National Water and Sewerage Company,
  • The Centenary Bank,
  • Mountain of the Moon University,
  • Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA)
  • PRICON and the
  • Urban/town councils of Kamwenga, Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa and Fort Portal.

The overall objective of RUSWP is to increase sustainable access to and use of sanitation services and improved hygiene practices in the Rwenzori area.

The activitieis of the RUSWP will start from the first of July and are for example.

  • awareness campaigns,
  • training of private sector to provide professional services,
  • construction of 6000 approved design household toilets (by land owners),
  • definition of sanitation/waste plans by all councils.

The WASTE staff has visited all involved partners to discuss indepth the activity plans and needed budgets and to provide technical support if requested.

WASTE expects that with the realisation of this consortium the local governments in the Ruwenzori region will be able to create an enabling and conducive policy framework and regulations to support a sustainable sanitation and waste management by the private sector players and in cooperation with civil society initiatives. Also it should enable the private sector to improve and expand their services around sanitation and solid waste management. The consortium will also make it possible that the degradable waste resources and nutrients will be made available for the agriculture, thus minimizing the final disposal of waste.