First introduction to diamond

Ger Pannekoek is placed in Mozambique for a longer period, one of his assignments is to support the FUSP programme. A blog post on his activities.

In January this year the partnership between the Frysian Urban Sanitation Program (FUSP) and WASTE was intensified through the involvement of our Sanitation Adviser Ger Pannekoek in the program. Stationed in Maputo, Ger advises FUSP on sustainability issues related to the program. The Diamond approach developed by WASTE has been adopted by FUSP as an approach to realize more sustainability in the program. Ger's contribution will mainly focus on the involvement of the private sector and local banks and MFI's.

During the first few weeks of Ger's presence in Mozambique the Diamond approach was presented to and discussed with the Municipality of Beira, the 8th city in Mozambique in which FUSP has started working. Beira is an unique city as it also contributes financially to the FUSP activities in the city and is the only municipality in Mozambique that has a specific sanitation tax in place.

Next to this, WASTE has developed an advise on how to continue with the innovative Xipoti concept that has been developed by FUSP during the past few years. The XIPOTI is developed as an affordable, dignified, sustainable, modular sanitation technology and developed from the vision that sanitation could also be seen as a gadget. One of the most important actions resulting for the advise as delivered by WASTE is the fact that FUSP will transfer the lead for the Xipoti concept to a local Mozambican business that will be responsible for the further development, marketing and scaling of the concept in Mozambique. FUSP will facilitate the further marketing of the concept by promoting it as one of the potential options in the 8 cities FUSP currently works.