Ten people from the recently started FINISH INK programme in Kenya paid a visit to India where the FINISH programme is already successfully active for some years.

They visited three micro finance partners, Cashpor (UP and Bihar), Gram Uttan and Annapurna (Orissa) where they could talk with the field staff, see the realized toilets and talk to the MFI executives.

At Cashpor, they had the opportunity to interact with the field staff and the beneficiaries.

One of the stories they heard was from a female community health facilitator. She has here own toilet and bathroom and allows 3 families to use this. She feels proud with her toilet, and sees many positive effects. As the area is flood prone, people have very few possibilities to defecate outside during floods. Her daughter used to eat and drink very little, so she did not have to go out to defecate, now her eating and drinking habits have improved with the realisation of the toilet. She repays the loan from income derived from sharing the use, and her sale of cow milk. She has now become a Government health worker (Asha) and is seen as a role model for the entire village.

The Kenyans also learned that in Cashpor the focus is not so much on building new toilets as it is on rehabilitation of badly constructed toilet systems.

In Gram Uttan (Orissa) they met an MFI, which have realised more than 8,000 toilet financed through loans with a 100% repayment score. Also in Orissa the NGO People's Forum and the MFI Annapurna work together, whereby People's Forum creates demand for sanitation and the MFI expects to put out 12,000 sanitation loans out the next 3 years.