Finding a temporary disposal site for the 4 municipalities

Jarrod Ball, an expert on disposal sites came to Les Palmes in July, to give his advice on possible locations for 2 temporarly disposal sites for the 4 cities. The mayors had given a series of options, all of them he visited and assessed on criteria as accessibility, environmental aspects and fysical aspects.

measuring water tableassessing geography of sites








The two selected areas were presented to the mayors, explaing why those two areas were the most suited. The mayors agreed and will have to make the land available to turn into disposal sites. This might still be a tough job as the property situation in Haiti is not very straightforward.

As soon as the land is made available. Jarrod will finalise the designs for the disposal site, ensuring that the site can be properly closed down and make suitable for other usages after the designated 5 to 7 years. Possibilities for composting and waste separation will be taken into account as well.

The other main activity was part of the baseline to measure the amount of waste produced in the avarage households in the 4 cities.

Women and youth groups were invited and were shown how to measure and determine their household waste. Then they were asked to do these measurements in 3 households. Their own and in 2 others.

With the results estimations for amounts of waste from households can be made.

sorting waste in Gressierexplaining the form in Léogâne