End of the programme

WASTE has participated as technical advisers for waste management in the VNGI programme, “Municipal Reconstruction in the Les Palmes Region of Haiti,” since 2011, which is now entering its final half year.
Next to various workshops and capacity building of municipalities one of the biggest accomplishment in our eyes is the realization of a waste disposal site in the region.

The landfill construction is now underway, the landfill has been designed by Jarrod Ball, one of the global experts on constructing moderate technology “controlled disposal” facilities, and so provides an extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the great pioneers in waste management in low- and middle-income countries.

The planning for the landfill or disposal site started already early on in the project as WASTE stated that it is of no use to start waste collection if there is no proper place to dispose of the waste. The selection of the proper location took a long time and the unclarity of land ownership also resulted in delays and a final change of location. But at this moment the construction is actullay happening. The disposal site will be managed by the joint municipalities.

In the meantime other activities have also taken place such as capacity building and workshops around sustainable waste management, decisions on waste collection systems and waste equipment. Although the work is not done yet, a basic system is being set in place. WASTE hopes that DATIP the adviser for the four municipalities can continue to support the four cities.

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