Closing meeting SPA programme with a twist

What was planned to be a closing meeting of SPA became an opportunity for other cities to join the successfull project. A short resume of the days.

5 - 7 November the programme managers of SPA from Benin, Ethiopia, Malawi and Zambia came together and brought along their project partners from the local government, the banks and businesses.

The days were meant to exchange the experiences between the different programmes and to gather information for the development of 4 case studies.

The meeting was meant to be a closing workshop, but the programme has proven to be successful in such a way that where the project took off the budget was hardly needed as local finances became available for the development of local businesses. The funder, DGIS allowed a one year budget neutral extension. The condition of DGIS was that the existing project areas continue to be monitored to see if the positive development proves indeed to be sustainable and that new cities will be identified to start up the SPA activities. The programme will expand to 6 cities, Lusaka and Siavonga in Zambia, Konga and Ziway in Malawi, and finaly Mojo and Arsi Negele in Ethiopia.

The meeting was filled with presentations, but also with cross-country discussions between the different actors in the project. The bankers could each discuss how they had set up their financing tools, businesses exchanged approaches to the sanitation market and so on.

The last day the group went on a field visit and among others viewed the first business letting toilets, which they had developed themselves.