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Supporting waste pickers and workers in the PET supply chain in Indonesia

<p>WASTE is involved in a project on Bali to improve working conditions and livelihoods of workers and waste pickers in the PET supply chain in Indonesia.</p>

Namasindo PLAS is a leading supplier of gallons, bottle preforms, and caps to the bottled water industry in Indonesia. The company sources its raw material PET from large established suppliers. The recycling arm of the business is exposed to an informally organized used plastic bottles supply chain consisting of a number of middle-men and about 15.000 individual waste pickers.

Aidenvironment and WASTE were contracted by the development finance institutions DEG from Germany and FMO from the Netherlands and Namasindo PLAS to design and implement a Supply Chain and CSR (corporate social responsibility) programme for the PET recycling branch of the business.

The programme aims to improve the working conditions and livelihoods of the workers in the collection centres and the waste pickers.