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Project end: 
Anne Scheinberg

Proposing a waste management system for Sikasso, Mali

WASTE assisted in a project formulation for waste management in Sikasso, Mali

What we do

WASTE has been retained for the first time to consult to the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTCCTB) in Mali. Using a combination of field work and ISWM (GIDD in French).

How we do it

Anne Scheinberg has formulated a 3-year project to consolidate the waste system in Sikasso, Mali The Belgion Technical Cooperation finacned a state of th eart landfil in Sikasso, and the landfill. The only one in Mali is functioning.

The project formulated focussed on:

  1. Strengthening primary collection by focussing on household level contracts with the GIEs (small entreprises)
  2. Broadening and reorganising secondary collection
  3. Introducing valorisation into all activities
  4. Populating the system with micro, small, formal and informal entreprises who provide services and valorise organic waste adn recycables as franchisees, concessionaries or contractors
  5. Strengthening the institutions, especially the municipality of Sikasso, to coordinate all actors and activities.