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Jan Spit

Private sector development in Mozambique

WASTE has started a new partnership with UNICEF Mozambique. The UNICEF-AIAS Small Town Project focuses on the improvement of water supply and sanitation facilities in eight cities and districts in Mozambique.

Private sector involvement and financing for improved sanitation facilities proved to be obstacles since the start of this project in 2012. Sanitation services that can be delivered by the private sector are hardly developed and access to finance seems to be an obstacle for households to invest in improved sanitation. UNICEF has therefore asked WASTE to assist specifically in the field of private sector development and inclusive financing.

Through the Diamond multi stakeholder approach WASTE will create a sustainable system of local stakeholders (financial institutions, local authorities, businesses and households) in which a thriving business environment is created where demand and supply can meet. WASTE activities will be carried out in four cities in Inhambane and Tete province throughout the partnership time of one year.