Royal Haskoning
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Lilliana Abarca
Niels Lenderink
Stan Maessen

Implementation support for three solid waste management projects in Turkey

WASTE was subcontracted to prepare a waste management assessment for three cities in Turkey: Amasya, Bitlis and Kütahya, which was used to set up a series of multi-stakeholders training.

What we do

This project was part of a large solid waste management project of the EU in Turkey. One of the consotium members Royal Haskoning asked WASTE to support in the Capacity Development of the stakeholders in the in a three cities, Amasya, Bitlis and Kütahya.

WASTE was specifically asked to prepare a communication strategy and to prepare and deliver key training materials.

How we do it

The Communication Strategy was designed for the project partners to create awareness in the community about the project and opportunities for participation. The knowledge transfer happened by setting up trainings for stakeholders and training of trainers.

Trainings: Different members of the WASTE staff and network tailored trainings for the situation in Turkey and delivered trainings in the three cites. 

  • Preparation of a Communication Strategy for the implementation of the project in the three cities
  • Training introduction to communication with participation of a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Training of trainers in which training skills were provided to community trainers
  • Support to the Unions on Community Participation activities

Trainings delivered:

  • Training of trainers in coaching for members of the three cities Introduction
  • Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (participation of Union, municipality, community leaders, among others)
  • Strategic planning, monitoring & control for members of the Unions
  • ISWM financial management & policies oriented to Union and community members of the different municipalities
  • Recycling, composting and special waste to union members and special stakeholders of the community
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Communication Strategy