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Jan Spit

Emergency Sanitation Project 2

<p>The Emergency Sanitation Project has a follow-up.</p>

WASTE COOP starts second phase of the Emergency Sanitation Project

Together with the International Red Cross, Oxfam GB and the Netherlands Red Cross, WASTE COOP participates in the second phase of the Emergency Sanitation Project.

In ESP1 we have developed reliable methods to sanitize faecal sludge by means of lime, urea and lactic acid. We now have reliable protocols to treat faecal sludge on household scale in laboratory conditions.

To avoid problems with transport of hazardous faecal sludge from raised latrines to the disposal site, we now enter the phase where we sanitize the sludge in raised latrines BEFORE transfer. At the same time, we want to improve the conditions inside the raised latrines by reducing foul smell and fly and mosquito breeding. Therefore, the following activities are foreseen:

  • Test willingness/appropriateness/effectiveness innovative add-ons such as Sato Seat
  • Test willingness/appropriateness/effectiveness innovative treatment e.g. Aerosan/Kazuba
  • Develop dosing & mixing equipment for on-site treatment in raised latrines by 3rd party
  • Test appropriateness/effectiveness prototype dosing & mixing equipment
  • Purchase and test Callini membrane pump for emptying raised latrines

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