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Converting City Waste into Compost in Ethiopia and Kenia

Technical support on composting in Ethiopia and Kenya

What we do

The Agricultural Economic Institute of Wageningen University (the LEI) invited WASTE to provide technical support for two Dutch-Embassy funded projects, one in Nairobi on composting, and one in Ethiopia o sustainable flower production. The Nairobi City Compost project had the goal of exploring the relation between urban organic waste and the agricultural urban and peri-urban value chain. There was a specific idea to test whether commercialisation of organic waste with private sector entrepreneurs would be feasible.

How we do it

The project assessed both the agricultural sector demand for market waste, compost, and biogas, and the supply of unclaimed kitchen, garden, commercial, and market wastes. Four viable enterprises were identified, and they received technical support. A short book based on these four cases was published by Wageningen University, with the title: Sustainable valorisation of organic urban wastes