Bicycle Sponsorship Project and Workshop
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Bike2clean - training waste collectors in Uganda

Training for waste collectors in Uganda

What we do

"Cycling out of Poverty in collaboration with the Bicycle Sponsorship Programme and Workshop (BSPW), within the activities of the Bike2Clean programme, invited WASTE to support them in building the capacity of selected entrepreneurs in the region of Jinja, Uganda.

The idea of the programme implementers is that a specific group of local entrepreneurs could, with the use of bicycles or tricycles, to collect waste materials within Jinja and either sell them to the respective industry or process it and produce marketable end-products.

How we do it

The support provided by WASTE was thus oriented to entrepreneurship in solid waste related activities and was in the form of a three-day training session. The training was based on the four-step Entrepreneurship Guide developed by WASTE. BSPW was responsible for the logistical set-up of the working week as well as for the pre-selection of the participants."