Self-sustainable waste and sanitation programmes for everyone

We have experience in running complete waste and sanitation management programmes on country and district levels. These programmes are aimed at realising full coverage sanitation and/or waste management for everyone. Our programmes focus on sustainability, aiming to achieve waste and sanitation systems that can support themselves and scale up on their own in time. We build systems through connecting stakeholders, closing the loop in the service and value chain and ensuring sustainability and upscaling through private sector development.

Current programmes

Our highly successful FINISH programme, has been implemented in India and is now being run by a newly set up social enterprise, the FINISH services and management company (FSMC) . We now offer a FINISH Mondial programme, so that we can successfully build demand and supply structures for sanitation in other developing countries as well, starting with our FINISH programme in Kenya.

Our SPA programme was implemented in 5 countries in Africa. On a country level it has resulted in the request to replicate our approach to other cities in those counties, which brings the total from 4 to 9 cities. Within the SPA programme our Diamond approach was developed and organisations such as Dutch WASH Alliance, Plan International and The Dutch Waterboards  have now also adopted our approach.

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