The Human Excreta Index

A 60 minutes documentary showing different stories around sanitation solutions and problems in 7 different countries.

The film can viewed here

  • China: More than 1.000.000 ecosan toilets are installed
  • India: A public toilet facility of which the excreta are used as fertilizers in a banana plantation

  • Palestine: In water scarce areas ecological sanitation can be a welcome answer

  • Peru: In Lima, a resettlement area urine diversion toilets have been installed, using the grey water and urine for growing alfalfa as fodder for rabbits for own consumption

  • Uganda: An example of ecosan toilets in a school

and an explanation of the choice for ecosan

  • South Africa: A cry for sanitation in Diepsloot a city near Johannesburg. In Durban a large urine diversion toilet project is demonstrated
  • Sweden: Ecological sanitation is also desirable as an approach towards sustainable water and nutrient management







The film is produced by Mattias Ylstra:

year: 2005

Realised with financing from: