cover essence of public and private funding for sanitation

The Essence of Public and Private Funding for Sanitation

In this series we write about themes that are new in the context of sanitation financing. We focus on the first part of the entire sanitation chain, i.e. awareness creation of the need for a toilet, demand generation, capacity building of stakeholders and (leading to the) construction of safe toilets. In the sanitation chain these are followed by collection and transport of faecal matter, safe disposal and/or treatment for reuse of excreta.

This second paper of the series on financing for sanitation is very close to our daily practices as it is written purely on the basis of our experience, insights and materials developed in a number of public and privately financed sanitation programmes in Ethiopia, India and Kenya.

This is the reason why you will find no references in most of our articles.

Finally, to be able to finance sanitation sustainably, we need to work together, build innovative partnerships and share knowledge. We have developed the Financing Sanitation Paper Series for this specific reason. We want to share our experiences on financing sanitation and to start an exciting discussion on this very important topic. I therefore invite you to react to the papers on our blog, which you can find on and on the personal LinkedIn page of Valentin Post, one of the authors.