Recycling used plastic bottles improves the lives of waste pickers in Bali

Waste pickers are the first link in a complex chain of collecting, sorting and selling waste materials. Used bottles picked up from the streets and the beaches of Bali finally end up at the recycling company in Bandung, Java, Indonesia named Namasindo Plas.

As part of this CSR program WASTE conducted a Training of Trainers workshop on January 14-15, 2016 in Denpasar, Bali for an audience of middlemen, representatives of collection centers and Namasindo and trainers. The aim of the workshop was to give background knowledge about specific issues such as different types of plastic, sorting of waste materials and prevention of child labor. At the same time useful learning methods and educational tools were demonstrated that can be used by trainers to more effectively reach the audience of adult waste pickers during workshops.

The participants took a very active role in all sessions and many fruitful discussions took place. The positive feedback showed that they feel better equipped to train waste pickers with the aim to improve their living and working conditions and at the same time increase their productivity in the supply chain of Namasindo.

The article explains more on the approach used and the implications.