cover of 1st paper

An overview of the financial instruments for sanitation used in FINISH programmes in India and Kenya

cover of 1st paperNow the 17 ambitious SDGs have been designed, the question remains: how are we going to finance this? During the International Conference on Financing for Development governments from all over the world came up with a package of more than 100 concrete measures that draw upon all sources of finance. 

FINISH wants to improve communities by integrating sanitation with financial inclusion. It believes the world has all the resources and expertise it needs to reach the SDGs, it just has to organise these differently though. 

Via the Financing Sanitation Paper Series we hope to share our expertise on how we can finance Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation for all.

This is the first paper of a series of six on different aspects of sustainable financing of sanitation (in emerging markets) - from financial inclusion to private funding and from micro insurance to climate financing.

It gives an overview of the financing tools tried and tested in the FINISH programme in both India en Kenya.