Faecal Sludge Management, WASH in Emergencies Problem Exploration Report

Today, most of the WASH actors are focused on the development and testing of sanitation solutions for emergencies that can improve the disposal of faecal sludge in a quicker and safer way. In addition, they are looking for concepts and products able to reduce the rate at which latrines fill-up with faecal sludge.

This report puts forward a few areas for further exploration and development:

  • Easy to implement, portable toilet systems
  • Standardised guidelines for assessing existing sanitation equipment
  • New protocols for the treatment and control of faecal sludge accumulation
  • Evaluation of speedy aerobic and anaerobic treatment concepts
  • Guidelines for assessing and improving dumping sites

It is based on researches from several organisations: François Bellet (UNICEF HUB Dakar Senegal), Chris Cormency (UNICEF Copenhagen), Caetano Dorea (University of Laval), Jean-François Fesselet (MSF-H), Grover Hector Mamani (WASTE), Claudia Perlongo (UNHCR), and Jan Spit (WASTE).