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Bharathi Women Development Centre (BWDC)

Bharathi Women Development Centre (BWDC), a voluntary organization committed to the cause of rural development was established in 1986, with special focus on women development and women empowerment and upholding their status as envisioned by Bharathi the great Tamil poet who dreamt of seeing all women of India as
"Progressive & Revolutionary Women". Registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 in the year 1987 it received approval under FCRA in the year 1991.

For the last 20 years, BWDC has been tirelessly working for the  women empowerment activities in pursuit of its vision. In addition to the empowerment of women, it is also involved in rural development, care for the aged, children, education, water, and   environmental sanitation, health and hygiene, bio - diversity and many other community development field.