plastic bags used in banana culture

Solve your waste problem with support of an ICSR voucher

Are you a Dutch entrepreneur and do you have international business activities or partners in one of these countries  and did you identify a waste problem, WASTE might be able to help you solve it with the support of a ISCR voucher.    

What is an ICSR voucher?

If you invest in a consult or training in order to lower the impact of your waste problem and to make your international chain more sustainable, the ICSR voucher will support you with up to 50% of the costs up to €10.000,- ex. VAT.

Examples of waste challenges

You import sheabutter to be used in your cosmetics from Ghana and noticed that a waste problem arises because more than 50% is organic waste which is dumped causing negative impact on the communities.

Or you import bananas from Peru and noticed the littering of the plastic bags used during the production of the bananas. A successful project was carried out with support of a ISCR voucher. 


CSR Netherlands ( issues these vouchers under certain preconditions:

  • You have business activities or partners in one of these countries
  • Your business has between 10 and 500 FTE
  • The question or challenge is about your international chain
  • You are, or will become a partner of CSR Netherlands

Questions or interested?

Please contact Sophie van den Berg +31 (0)615545369 or email to