FINISH let’s participants build toilets at AfricaWorks April 2019

During the ‘Let’s Build Toilets’ session on AfricaWorks 2019, the 20+ participants from all over the world experienced what it takes to realise access to ONE MILLION toilets, by constructing a toilet themselves. They soon found out that the key to success is: building a system (‘diamond approach’) in which private sector, governments, the financial sector, communities and NGOs work together to make sanitation sectors and markets work. This is the approach of FINISH Mondial, which stands for Financial Inclusion Improves Sanitation and Health – the only way to reach scale in sanitation.

During the fun and interactive session participants were invited to share how they could contribute to FINISH Mondial and get valuable insights into how the FINISH approach could strengthen their own initiatives. During the session a government official from Nigeria said Now that India is moving towards being Open Defecation Free, Nigeria will be ranking number one on the list of countries with Open Defecation, we could surely use an approach like this for Nigeria!”