Generating business through waste

Addressing waste issues is not only the government's business. In order to reach scale in access to sanitation and a clean waste system, private sector development and building sanitation and waste markets is crucial.

We help (local) governments and companies to manage the waste that is produced, taking into account the service and value chain of waste and finding ways to recycle and/or make waste profitable. We help to build markets in cities in developing countries and support companies in turning solid waste and sanitation into profit without needing subsidies or grants. 

We provide tools to overcome bottlenecks that come with building these markets. For instance, we help provide financing and investment funds for promising waste businesses (SMEs). We also offer sustainable waste management consultancy so that each stakeholder knows its roles and responsibilities and is able to operate effectively. We offer business support and business trainings to help business grow.


One of our projects is to help develop sanitation business in Mozambique (FUSP project)

We also help (local) governments to manage their waste, like we did in our recent project where we advised on  waste management planning in Haiti.


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