Wang li 王立

Wang Li


Sanitation business development

The intern Wang Li is a master student of Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing and holds a BSc of International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University.

Within WASTE, he is working on the project “Multi-Stakeholder Process” of PSO, in which he is conducting a research on stakeholder relations and power issues in Malawi’s sanitation sector. Moreover, for the SPA project Wangli also provides business knowledge to the local entrepreneurs in Malawi and assists them to formulate and develop business models and business plans.

Before doing the internship at WASTE, Wangli worked as a business intern, a university coach and an associate consultant in several countries such as China, Russia, Tanzania and the Netherlands. Currently, Wangli is mentoring a Student Achievement Program, students from Erasmus University and running his own international trading company in the Netherlands.