Verele de Vreede

Information Officer

Knowledge Manager Solid Waste Group

PME Officer


Verele de Vreede holds an MSc in Human Geography of developing countries.

She has been working since 1999 as Information Officer at WASTE, and since 2003 is primary responsible for information and knowledge management, communication, publications, public relations, and the website at WASTE. She has significant experience with strategic planning for waste and sanitation. Within projects she supports knowledge exchange, communication, effective networking, and she is WASTE’s lead specialist on social media and web 2.0 tools.

Her 12 years working with WASTE have provided her with a 'helicopter view' of the landscape of the urban environment and development co-operation, which she applies in projects and publications. Currently, Verele is the WASTE Information Officer, part of the knowledge management hub, and a member of the solid waste team.

Verele is bilingual in Dutch and English, is fluent in French and German and has basic knowledge of Spanish.