Nathalie Agathos

Nathalie Agathos

Junior Solid Waste Adviser

Business Developer

Nathalie Agathos holds an MSc in Environmental Technology and Business and Environment from Imperial College, London, and degrees in business management and ICT (Information and Computer Technologies).

She has a diversity of experiences within the waste sector including public and private sector capacity building, research and consulting in Europe, Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia. Her fields of expertise are primarily related to small-scale enterprise development, sustainable financing, municipal strategic planning, integrated sustainable waste management and public-private partnerships.

She is knowledgeable on topics regarding recycling and processing municipal solid waste fractions, composting of organic waste and energy-from-waste.

Before joining WASTE she worked as an information technology analyst in several countries of the Balkan region. Nathalie's key strength is facilitating communication gateways between the private and public sectors, building capacity at local level and establishing sustainable information- and knowledge exchange mechanisms for waste management practices and experiences. Natalie currently is junior adviser in the WASTE solid waste team, and content manager for the waste portal.