Myrte Koch

  • Technical and Business adviser
  • SAWI

Myrte Koch works as a Technical and Business Adviser for WASTE's programmes in sanitation. Her interest for sustainable development, cultural diversity and international development was triggered by the experience of living the first six years of her life in Bangladesh.

As an Industrial Design Engineer by training she has knowledge of sustainable product design, strategic product design and materialization. The specialization program Technology in Sustainable Development combined with projects in Honduras and India resulted in a basic knowledge level on sustainable development in developing countries.   

After gratuating from the university TU Delft, Myrte worked as a product engineer for several Dutch multinationals. Because she wanted to get involved in one of the biggest challenges for mankind, realizing clean and reliable energy production, she became a consultant in energy saving and renewable energy production. Five years of experience in this field followed, whereof the last year she worked and lived in Beijing, China.    

Broadening her scope she gained expertise in the field of Sustainable Urban Development, taking not only the energy part into account but also themes as waste, mobility, water, etc. Myrte assisted local authorities, housing associations and project developers in getting high ambitions on a concrete level. Next to the technical background she has well developed skills in process management and facilitating creative sessions.