Kim Coates

Kim Coates

Business Adviser

Member Sanitation Group

Kim Coates works as a business adviser and has a technical background in innovative product design, healthcare and water purification. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with specialization in Industrial Product Design.

Before WASTE, Kim worked as a Product Manager at a company which develops water purification solutions, implementing and overseeing projects for water purification units for use in ground wells and low cost drinking water purifiers for countries with a low living standard/developing countries.

Also she has worked as Senior Mechanical Engineer for several years, leading a team of mechanical engineers, and had the responsibility for the mechanical engineering of several receive coils to be used in newly developed MRI scanners.

At WASTE she will set up a Sanitation Platform to support the goal of improving the living conditions of the poor in developing countries and making the business development services financially self-supportive.

Additional to her native Dutch Kim Coates is fluent in English.