Kajetan Hetzer

Sanitation adviser

Kajetan Hetzer has a background in geology and environmental sciences, with extensive professional experience working in diverse context on multiple dimensions of sustainability in close cooperation with multi-stakeholders across sectors. He has worked in the financial sector with Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) aspects for investments, covering various sectors and themes for more than 10 years. These include under more sanitation, waste and water.

He also has experience as international independent consultant for various international organizations (ao World Economic Forum, IFC, 2030 WRG, UNDP, UNEP-FI), NGOs and development agencies. Additionally, he is an adviser to think-tanks and several advisory boards related to sustainable development.

His specialisation includes: project management, business development, Public-Private-Partnership, risk and sustainable investment strategies, environmental resources management, policy and governance by local and national authorities.

His professional skills include: project development, planning and evaluation, sustainability assessment of projects and organisations, facilitation, coaching and stakeholder management.

Kajetan is engaged in various multi-stakeholder processes with public, private and civil society organisations. He facilitated policy formulation, implementation strategies in rural and urban areas and upscaling mechanisms.

Apart from being fluent in German, Dutch and English, Kajetan speaks basic French and Spanish.