Jan Spit

Sanitation Adviser

Jan Spit has been educated as a sanitary engineer at the Technical University in Delft (1982, Civil Engineering), completed a post-graduate course on business administration and Master Practitioner NLP.

In WASTE he is the coordinator of the emergency sanitation projects. Together with among others The Netherlands Red Cross Society and MSF, WASTE is participating in the S(P)EEDKITS project ( where WASTE takes the lead in the WASH activities.

Previously Jan Spit worked as a self-employed water and sanitation consultant a.o. for UNICEF in occupied Palestine territory, for the Dutch WASH Alliance in The Netherlands and in Indonesia for SHAW/Simavi and the Indonesian Infrastructure Initiative (AusAid). He also worked for MWH (Indonesia, Surinam, The Netherlands), Syncera, AgentschapNL (NL,Egypt), Brabant Water (Brabant, Indonesia, Hungary), IWACO (India, Indonesia) and UNCHS-HABITAT (Tanzania, Comoros).