Jacqueline Barendse

Managing Director of WASTE

Senior Business Adviser

Coordinator of the Solid Waste Group

Jacqueline Barendse holds several teaching degrees, an MBA, and a variety of degrees in finance.

She has applied her financing expertise in a broad range of projects related to access to finance and micro finance and Small Medium Enterprise (SME) development, infrastructural projects, corporate financing, guarantee funding and investment funding. She has a thorough understanding of development finance, and a strong expertise of Private Sector Development Programmes and Public Private Partnerships.

Jacqueline has over 20 years of hands-on experience in finance and business development for micro- to large enterprises in different sectors (industry, ICT, financial sector, infrastructure). In the early years of her career she was product and business development manager for Philips Electronics, where she developed business plans for new businesses for (cable) television. As investment manager for ING Bank she was responsible for finance and investments (risk capital, subordinated loans, equity participations) in a great variety of companies.

She represented shareholder Triodos in the Board of Banks and financial institutions in, among others, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Mongolia, and Russia. She has appraised banks and non-bank financial institutions for micro finance and SME development in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Africa.

Currently Jacqueline Barendse is the Managing Director of WASTE. Apart from her native Dutch, Jacqueline is proficient in English, German and French, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish