Ivo Haenen

Solid Waste Adviser

Monitoring Officer

Project Manager

Ivo Haenen holds an MSc in human geography of developing countries. He joined WASTE in February 2006 after writing his Master thesis on the private informal waste sector in Bacolod City, The Philippines.

At WASTE he has served as a project manager in a bilateral project on electric and electronic waste (WEEE) management in the Netherlands and Costa Rica, and has participated in a project on solid waste management in post-tsunami Sri Lanka; on a global study on the informal waste sector in six cities on different continents, and many other small and large waste management projects. In 2009, he played a major role as researcher and data base manager and analyst in the award winning UN-Habitat sponsored publication 'Solid Waste in the World's Cities.' He is currently managing a DGIS-funded UNDP 6-country project for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in solid waste management, providing administrative and technical support to Serbian partners in the MATRA (DGIS supported transition management) “Fair Waste Management” project on integrating the informal sector into solid waste systems in pre-accession Serbia.

Ivo has advanced skills in project administration and logistics, and has been the main co-ordinator of two international conferences and five study tours related to waste management and sanitation in the Netherlands and the UK. Currently, he is responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation of the DGIS-subsidised WASH programme in 8, mainly African, countries.

Ivo Haenen is both PME (Project Monitoring and Evaluation) Officer, and adviser in the WASTE solid waste team. Ivo's languages of work are Dutch, English, German, and basic Spanish and French.