Gert de Bruijne

Gert de Bruijne

Senior Sanitation Adviser

Member Acquisition Group

Knowledge Manager Sanitation Group

Gert de Bruijne is a Dutch and German (Free University, Berlin) trained political scientist. He has built up his professional expertise in the Middle East, and was responsible for various decentralised sanitation projects in Palestine. Gert has managed, for two years, the first ever successful dry-sanitation project in a Muslim society.

His fields of experience extend to sustainable integrated land, water, and sanitation management, and to environmental law. He has hand-on experience in project implementation involving various stakeholders.

Within WASTE Gert has been responsible for the development of all the organization's major sanitation programmes. Gert has been country-responsible for Malawi, Zambia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. He is a key actor in building cooperation with other European organisations to join forces in designing sustainable sanitation projects. He is a co-founder of the Dutch Nutrient Platform that focuses on the rapidly developing world-wide phosphate scarcity. Since two years he has positioned WASTE in the centre of the development of innovative emergency sanitation.

Additional to his native Dutch Gert de Bruijne is fluent in English, Arabic, German, and has a good command of French