Ger Pannekoek

Ger Pannekoek

Project Manager in Mozambique

Sanitation Adviser

Ger Pannekoek works as a business adviser and has a background in business development in the international water sector. Ger holds a Master degree in Business Administration, with a specialisation in marketing and strategy and non-technical innovation.

Before he came at WASTE, Ger has worked as an entrepreneur in water purification technologies and worked at the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) where he was responsible for the joint business development strategy of the Dutch water sector in, among other, South Africa, Mozambique and Egypt. At NWP, Ger had a strong focus on BoP (Base of the Pyramid) related issues in the WASH sector and was also responsible for setting up the Dutch Nutrient Platform, a cross-sectoral network of businesses, knowledge institutes, governments and non-profit organisations working on speeding up the transition towards sustainable nutrient management (e.g. phosphorus recycling). In his free time, he has set up a network of Young Professionals in the Netherlands with a strong passion for Social Entrepreneurship and the 'BOP' approach.

At WASTE he will set up the Sanitation Window, which connects demand for safe and sustainable sanitation solutions in developing an emerging economies/ markets to Dutch and European based private companies.

Currently, Ger is also still the secretary of the Dutch Nutrient Platform and responsible for the execution of the Dutch Phosphorus Value Chain Agreement, with a strong focus on improving the cooperation between the involved sectors (water, agri-food, fertilizer industry, energy, waste, etc).

Additional to his native Dutch Ger Pannekoek is fluent in English and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.