Dieuwertje de Vries

Dieuwertje de Vries

Intern waste management

Menstrual hygiene in India

Dieuwertje de Vries, Didi for short, is an Msc student at Wageningen University. Currently, she is doing research for her master thesis, in cooperation with WASTE and FINISH in India.

Nine years ago she started her study career at Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. She completed the bachelor programme of Medical Diagnostics and Radiotherapy. During this programme she enjoyed some time abroad and so she decided to get more internationally focused on societal issues by subscribing for the Bachelor programme International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University. As she got more and more interested in urban areas, the master programme Urban Environmental Management was next to be followed. During several courses, her interest went especially to solid waste management.

The topic of Didi’s thesis is menstrual hygiene management in India, and in particular feasibility of local production of sustainable sanitary napkins. Didi will take into account economical, technological and social aspects of production and waste treatment of sanitary napkins. During her time in India she hopes to get enough insight to be able to contribute to improving the current situation for women.