Anne Scheinberg

Anne Scheinberg

Senior Solid Waste and Recycling Adviser

Trainer Integrated Sustainable Waste Management


Anne Scheinberg holds a PhD in Environmental Policy next to her MSc in Sociolinguistics, and a Masters in Public Administration.

Anne Scheinberg has worked for nearly 35 years in waste management and recycling in North America, Europe, the Balkans, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

A regional specialist in the Balkans and Central Europe, she works in five languages, planning and implementing sustainable waste management and valorisation projects. Before starting a recycling consultancy near Boston in 1984, she worked five years in recycling for government, civil society, and the glass and paper industry.

She specialises in informal and formal recycling; organic waste management; micro-privatisation; and institutional and enterprise development.

In addition to the UN-Habitat 2010 prize-winning publication, Solid Waste Management in the World’s Cities, her most recent projects involved preparing for publication the 2006/2007 study Economic Aspects of the Informal Sector in Solid Wastes; developing a user pays framework for the North Province of the Maldives, designing and implementing a regional sanitation and waste management component as part of a regional municipal reconstruction project in Haiti; and supporting Tompkins County, New York State, on writing their “Beyond Waste” plan in 2011.

She has authored or edited many WASTE reports and publications.

Anne's languages of work are English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Bulgarian, with basic Portuguese, Hungarian, Finnish, Romanian, and German.