At WASTE, we have one mission: Turning waste into prosperity.
In more than 20 countries around the world our advisers empower people
to improve their own environment and livelihood by building sustainable sanitation and solid waste systems.


In order to realise clean environmentsm healthy cities and happy people it is key
to change the way the waste system works. We believe that the ingredient to a solid
and sustainable waste system is to have a functioning market and public sector for
waste management services in place. Building recycling plants or landfills can be
relatively easy, but delivering waste management systems with long-term sustainability is a real challenge.

Our team of advisers have over 30 years of experience in the field.
We are specialised in building value chains in waste management that will continue
functioning and are able to scale after our work is done. Waste management is not
about a single person or one household with one toilet; to ensure success we facilitate
close collaboration and dialogue between all the stakeholders - from farmers and
entrepreneurs to local communities, financial institutions and governments.

Our unique approach, research activities and experience ensure the development
of a sustainable waste market and a system with local ownership as foundation.



In addition to our vast network of local experts, there are organisations representing WASTE in 3 countries.


WASTE Malawi has been established by our WASTE Associatte Joseph de Gabriele at Blantyre in 2015. It manages projects on sanitation, water and solid waste management. Currently they have 7 staff persosn and projects funded by EU, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Pump Aid in Blantyre and Lilongwe. Additionally they have a sanitation project in Zimbabwe.

Recently, Billy Bray became country director. The board is a representation of the work field both public and private sector.



WASTE has been working in Zambia since 2008 while executing the ISSUE 2 and SPA programmes. During this time a need for more permanent local representation was felt and WASTE Zambia Limited has been set up. Although it works closely with WASTE Netherlands, It is an independent organisation which has been registered 21st of June 2016 under the registration FCO number 220160000034.

WASTE Zambia is based in Kabwe and aims to enable people in urban and peri urban areas in Zambia to achieve sustainable and healthy living conditions. To that purpose WASTE Zambia promotes participation and interaction between local stakeholders including the public, the private and the civil society sector. WASTE Zambia strives for a balance between financial, institutional, environmental, technological and social aspects.

WASTE Zambia has a board of 5 members and one director Mr. Danny Choba. 



3R WASTE Foundation is established as a not-for-profit organisation under Section 8 of the Company’s Act 2013 with the purpose of addressing directly local challenges in sanitation and solid waste management with WASTE’s global experience and comprehensive expertise.

Their focus is on building the capacity and provide proper guidance of Urban Local Bodies so as to make them efficient in managing the solid waste generated in their respective cities and towns.

3R WASTE Foundation director is Mr.  Kulwant Singh